Madison Scott-Clary

Sometimes I come up with silly one-page projects, or documents, or other things to share. Those will wind up here for me to link out or for you to paw through!

BDSM Collar Leash and Tag Attachment

A nylon-webbing-based loop for attaching leashes or tags to metal collars without scratching them. Full plans and instructions in SVG format!


A prose- and Jekyll-aware wordcount utility, written to learn python packaging.

Makyo’s Tiny Guide to MUCKing

Makyo’s been MUCKing for quite a while, and as a friend got started, she began pulling together all the basics into one tiny guide!


Along with the tiny guide provided above, Makyo also has a comprehensive .tfrc set up, which is explained here.


A set of tools for working with Twine 2 files.

The Rings - A 78-Card Tarot Spread

The Rings is a full-deck layout for cartomancy or more contemporary idea framework tarot readings.